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How does Choice! work?

There are two stages to the Choice! process:

Firstly, Choice! works by first helping you to prioritise what you value and need most in your career and lifestyle. It does this through a series of questions to help you to establish a short list of your top needs and values - those which would make a real difference to your life or career, and which you can use to help identify jobs or activities that would suit you.

Choice! then allows you to evaluate how closely your current job, or any other job, activity or lifestyle scenario you may be considering, matches those needs and values, and presents you with a summary of the results. It doesn't suggest jobs for you, as we firmly believe that no system or process can accurately predict what people should do. Instead, Choice! has been designed to help you discover new and interesting opportunities for yourself.

The results Choice! gives are unique to each person, and everything you do within the tool can be stored in a file on your computer for later use.

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How does Choice! fit into the career management process?

Choice! can help with all the stages of the career management process, from direction finding and planning to helping you weigh up your options and reviewing your career.

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What if my plans change?

Choice! is about helping you find the right path - and then helping you along it. So, as we get older we change, and so do our needs. As your career progresses you can return to Choice! to re-evaluate your needs and the direction your future is taking.

There is no limit to the number of times you can use Choice!, so click here to get started now.

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Am I measured in some way?

Don't worry! Choice! does not measure you at all. It is not a test and does not 'judge' you psychologically. There are no right or wrong answers. The outcome is unique to you!

Choice! takes all your needs and wants and puts them simply and clearly in front of you, so you can see where you want to go. All Choice! needs from you are honest answers to the questions it puts to you.

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What about retirement?

Choice! is not just limited to career planning, but can also play an essential role in retirement, and any other major changes that you may encounter in life. Most people still want to lead active lives after retirement, and Choice! can help you to plan a lifestyle full of the activities you want.

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What personal details are collected when using this tool?

We only collect anonymised data when you use this tool, so that you feel comfortable about using it.

You will not be required to enter your name, address or any personal information you do not wish to enter, nor do we track your IP address or use cookies to track what else you do on the Internet (although we do use temporary 'session' cookies locally to allow this tool to function).

For more information on our privacy policy, please click here.

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I saved my selections to my computer, but I can't find the file!

When you save your selections to your computer, the file can normally be found in the default 'Downloads' folder. This will vary with each different device.

Please note: some mobile devices do not allow you to download files; in these circumstances, we advise that you email the file directly to yourself (using the 2nd option on the Save page).

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I can't re-load my saved selections

Firstly, it is important to understand that it is not possible to open the '.chi' file that you have previously downloaded or emailed to yourself, directly on your computer or mobile device by double clicking it. The only way to open this file is by using the Choice! tool on this website.

To load your '.chi' file:

  1. If you emailed the file to yourself, make sure you have saved the attachment to your device's file system (e.g. to the My Documents folder)
  2. Either select the 'Load' option from the menu bar within the Choice! tool, or click here
  3. Click the 'Open' or 'Choose file' button, locate your '.chi' file in your file system, and select it
  4. Finally, click the Load button
If you are using the Load option, but the file is still not working, please contact us, quoting any error messages that are displayed.

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I can't find my question here, how can I contact you?

First, if your question is related to the site or our business generally, please check our main help page

If you still cannot find an answer to your question, then feel free to contact us through our web email form. Unfortunately this is the only way to contact us at the moment due to the high volumes of spam on the Internet.

Please note we do not have enough resources to provide free careers or HR advice, only technical help specific to this site.

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