Help with emotions@work

How does it work?

emotions@work is based on understanding that a number of different elements are required to achieve success and fulfilment in the workplace or in life. Only when all these elements are in place, will you achieve what you want, and when one or more of these parts are missing it effects us emotionally.

There is often a correlation between these indivudual components and specific emotions. By analysing how you feel, it is then possible to identify which constituent part is missing, or going wrong, and then take appropriate action.

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Can this tool be used for groups of people or organisations?

Yes. This tool can be used to interpret the general feelings of an organisation or group of people, in order to explore possible solutions to where the organisation may be having difficulties.

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I can't find the emotion I am feeling on the form

Sorry to hear that. If you would like to see a new emotion featured in the tool, then please contact us.

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I can't find my question here, how can I contact you?

If your question is related to the site generally, rather than emotions@work, please check our main help page

If you still cannot find an answer to your question, then feel free to contact us through our web email form.

(Please note, unfortunately we do not have the resources to provide free careers or business advice, only technical help specific to the tools on this site.)

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